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What are Dimex splashbacks

Splashbacks by Dimex are laminated, monomeric vinyl PVC folios in kitchen back-wall format which are produced using the UV printing technology. Back of the matt splash panels is coated with permanent adhesive. The adhesive reduces transparency of the picture and does not lighten out dark colours or patterns of the substrate. The lamination is a special easily washable layer which protects the splashback from abrasion or damage.


Digital printing is a relatively new printing technology and refers to a group of printing processes in which the print image is transferred directly from the computer to the press. The colours used are the UV-curable inks. For every picture radiant colours and accuracy of the print are typical. Thanks to this modern printing technology, there are now almost unlimited possibilities to print your own motifs and ideas. Each photo wallpaper is of the highest quality. 


Self-adhesive splashbacks are extremely popular because of their undisputed advantages, which we have listed below.
• high quality and durable material
• long-term use
• easy application thanks to self-adhesive material
• a surface covered with laminate serves as protection against contamination and damage
• easily washable with ordinary detergents 

Available Sizes

180 x 60 cm

260 x 60 cm

350 x 60 cm


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